Monday, July 26, 2010


Mark Trichka and Lisa Brande
The Maple Sugar Serenaders are Vermont's premier performing duet for seniors.  
This married couple has been professional full-time touring musicians for over 3 decades, and has performed for seniors in Vermont (summer season) and Florida (winter season) for 25 consecutive years.

      Their unique repertoire and lively stage presence keeps small and large facilities asking them to return year after year.


Familiar  POPULAR SONGS are expertly executed on their chosen instruments of fiddle, mandolin and guitars/vocals, and they also love to add a little something different in the way of FIDDLE TUNES from the dance halls of New England, to romantic and LIVELY MANDOLIN MUSIC from around the world.  

Personable, and full of humor, their friendly banter rounds out the show.  Also, Vermont sweetness accompanies them!   

      They BRING PURE VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP to their shows (in Southern states) to sell in small glass leaf bottles to eager residents wanting to taste a bit of the past (if agreeable with facility policy).

       The Maple Sugar Serenaders have performed for most of the major retirement communities on the Gulf Coast of Florida over the years in winter and spring, and perform constantly for senior bus tours in Vermont during the course of every summer and autumn in the North.   

Their professionalism  "takes a back seat to none" (client quote), and their music and show is "overwhelmingly popular with the residents".
     In addition to the US, they have performed in such diverse locations as Italy, the Virgin Islands, and India. Their music has opened doors around the world, and their positive attitude and heart and humor has brought joy to themselves for what they can give to their audiences, and to the audiences themselves, as an uplifting and happy hour spent. 

Their show is a guaranteed winner. They personally guarantee it or your money back!

HOLIDAY SHOWS are available as well, during the Christmas season.

Booked performances will receive a color poster blank to fill in, and all appropriate invoices and confirmation letter via snail or email according to preference.

They may be contacted in the following ways:
Phone: VT landline: 802-387-4476, or cell: 941-586-4476

(click on song to open each one.)

  • Vocal popular song( Lisa vocal, with fiddle/guitar):Walkin' My Baby Back Home
  • Lively  traditional Fiddle tune (Fiddle- Mandolin duet, instrumental): Kitchen Girl  
  • Train song! ( Mark/Lisa vocal, fiddle/guitar): Pan American Boogie  
  • Lively Brazilian Mandolin instrumental (with guitar) : Pacoca 
  • Vocal popular song ( Lisa vocal, w/ mandolin/guitar): Moonglow 
Holiday Show samples:

Maple Sugar Serenaders are also known as Easy Street Duo (where they post their music schedule) , and also perform with the following bands: SlipperySneakers Zydeco, Easy Street Bayou, and Three Way Street.


Both Lisa (fiddle, guitar, vocals) and Mark (mandolin, guitars, vocals), as a married couple for over 25 years, have been performing together, and with other bands, since the early 1980’s.  They have been full time touring musicians for the last 30 years, specializing not only in their passion for all styles of multi-genre Roots music, but also performing for seniors in both Vermont in the warmer months and in Florida and Louisiana in the winter seasons under the name “Maple Sugar Serenaders”.  In that capacity they have studied and performed popular songs from the 30’s through 50’s. During their career they have also mastered genres such as bluegrass, Cajun and Zydeco, classic country and rockabilly, swing, and explored jazz standards to South American mandolin choro music.  They have done extensive studio work and have been parts of many, many bands throughout the years, performing on the stage of Jazzfest in New Orleans to house concerts in Australia and India. They have three CD’s of their mix of music, one CD of mandolin instrumental music, and each have created a solo CD of originals, mixed and mastered in Louisiana by Grammy nominee, Al Berard.  As well as their present year ‘round duo, “Easy Street”, they perform seasonally with the Northeastern band “Slippery Sneakers Zydeco band” and “Three Way Street”, and their Louisiana music quartet "Easy Street Bayou".